More for myself than anything, I created a base application template and put it up on GitHub. Feel free to fork it, and contributions are welcome. Here's what it has out of the box:

  • AngularJS 1.5
  • UI-Router
  • Bootstrap (LESS compiled)
  • Gulp Build
    • Lint
    • Transpile (ES6 -> ES5 with Babel)
    • Browserify
    • LESS
    • JS and CSS concatenation and minification
    • JS and CSS file versioning
    • and More!
  • JavaScript Unit Testing with Jasmine
  • Simple Node Server Script
  • Sample (Simple) AngularJS App with State Routing

I just needed something as a base to start other projects off of, so I threw this together as a starting point. You need Bower and NodeJS to get started, but all of the instructions are on the GitHub Page. Use it for your own projects, a quick look at AngularJS with ES6, or a sample of writing Gulp tasks.

All feedback encouraged and welcome.