Do a lot of AngularJS these days. As my readers know, I do a lot with data grids. Looking for feature rich data grids, written in Angular, that support Bootstrap styling, I long ago went with Angular UI-Grid.

But, one down side to UI-Grid is that the source code uses LESS for it's style sheets. Don't get me wrong, I do like LESS, but I've come to find SASS to be a little better to work with when overriding core variables at compile time. But in UI-GRID? Alas, no SASS.

So, what did I do? I ported the LESS to SASS. Over in my GitHub projects you'll find the new ui-grid-sass project, where I took all of the LESS in UI-Grid and did my best to give a one for one retool for SASS. It's also in the npm registry, so you can easily add it to your project.

Now, my mad SASS skillz are...ok. I've tried to cover everything, but I'm not perfect. So, if you're a SASS ninja, and have some interest, please feel free to contribute.