You know, some things really get to me (I'm watching my language here). Maybe they shouldn't, but they do. Take the following line from a recent posting to a job posting mailing list for ColdFusion professionals:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from an accredited University.
Note: Individuals who do not meet this requirement need not apply.

Well, if that isn't an intensely narrow view of 'qualified'. I'm not knocking higher ed, in fact I have a little, but the last time I checked experience is, and always will be, the best teacher.

I'll use myself as an example. I'm prior military (Army), with 9+ years of service to my country. When I left the military I was a non-commissioned officer, having been in several positions of leadership over many years. My final tour of duty was at NSA, where I held a position as an Intelligence Analyst. I also fluently speak, read and write a non-latin based foreign language. After the military I joined the work force, where I have taught myself ten different computer programming and design languages, while feeding myself, getting married, and having a daughter.

The ad also said this:

Experience developing quality code

They don't teach that in school. I know, I've been there. Four semester of classes in, or related to, Object Oriented Programming and I've learned more from the blogs of Ray Camden, Sean Corfield and Joe Rhinehart. Maybe its because it is practice and not theory?

  • Microsoft MCSD certification a plus.
  • Professional teaching experience a plus.
  • They want someone older than me with these credentials. Or a child prodigy. Or someone with no life.

    But I saved the best for last:

    looking to hire two intermediate-advanced developers

    If it takes all of this posting to be considered an intermediate developer than I shall be a beginner all of my life. And all of that for a salary 'up to 100k' in the DC area? What have you been smokin'?!? I'm some dumb, not plumb dumb.

    I know that times are tough and employers are finding themselves in a position where they have to do more with less, but sometimes the postings I see (everywhere) are just so blatantly laughable and insulting. And they wonder why it is so hard to find 'quality help' these days?