So, here we are, in the keynote for CFUnited, Day 1.

Last night Aaron West and I went to the MiniMax conference, put on by Adam Bell. Adam is an interesting character, and a lot of fun to speak with. He has a varied background from many different geographical areas, and currently works out of L.A. Aaron spoke on the CF Application framework, Simon Horwith on Flex, and many other great speakers doing quick, 15 minute presentations on various Adobe products.

This morning, after a late wake up, I met up with Aaron and headed for the conference center. While Aaron was registering (I registered last nigt) I stepped out for a smoke with Simon Horwith. He filled me in on the 'secret' he couldn't let out of the bag last night. Ben Forta is going to announce (in just a moment) what went live on the Adobe site at midnight, the final release of Flex 2.0. Exciting news!

Anyway, signing off for now. I want to listen to Ben's keynote. More as the day goes on...