Well, yesterday was interesting. First, my three hour Flex Coding Kitchen session was, unfortunately, a waste of time. General consensus from the crowd is that we could have learned more from five minutes with the online documentation.

Speaking of online, the conference center's wireless access was pretty blown after 11 am.

The session on usability was cool, but my sessions on ansynchronus gateways and beginning web services were a little lower level than I really expected.

On the high side, the Celebrity Death Match between Simon Horwith and Hal Helms was outstanding. At least from what I heard. I was out on the deck outside the bar with Emmet McGovern (Full City Media) with a Captain and Coke just shootin' the breeze. Once the 'match' got out, we were joined by Aaron West, Michael and Judith Dinowitz stopped by, and we got down to serious drinking with Mark Drew (CFEclipse), who is a riot. Really glad he had the chance to come across the pond and join us yanks.

Anyway, I need to pay more attention to this session on MVC from Joe Rinehart, so I'm going to sign off for now. Hopefully I'll be able to connect later...