So, in my infinite wisdom, and much to the dismay of my wife, I decided to replace my server with a new (used) one. A slightly more powerful machine that a friend of mine was going to put on FreeCycle (Thanks Patti!), I thought it was perfect to go ahead and make some changes to my dev environment. I want to begin using Subversion, plus I figured I would go ahead and switch to CF on top of Apache (since IIS Sucks!), not to mention setting up CF on the multiserver install. Hey, why not.

Stephen Collins has a fine document called the ACME guide (for the uninitiated) that thoroughly covers setting up a basic, free development environment: Apache, ColdFusion, MySQL, (CF)Eclipse. I thought this would be a good place to start, but didn't realize that Apache had upgraded their server before AcidLabs could update the ACME guide. Whoops! ColdFusion install completes but Apache won't restart!

After banging my head on the wall for a short time I finally just gave up and decided to ask all of the other fine, smart folks on the CF-Talk mailing list. A nice guy, by the name of Adrian Moreno, passed along a little Adobe TechNote about an update to the wsconfig.jar, where to download it and how to configure it. He also pointed to me to a line to uncomment in the httpd.conf file:

view plain print about
1# Virtual hosts
2#Include conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf

So, step 1: install new .jar file to the proper server location. Step 2: go to the command line to 'install' the new connector. Step 3: restart ColdFusion and Apache.

OK, so everything should be good. But, wait. What's this? It still won't start! OK, so I go to the Web Server Configuration Tool (that java GUI util), remove the Apache instance, and 'add' a new instance. Yeah! Services up!


OK, I have services up and running, but now I can't figure out how to get to my CF Admin. In fact, I couldn't even find the CFIDE folder. Then I remember the setup instructions in the ACME guide and a little path to an 'htdocs' folder in the Apache folder. OK, it's a start. I also remember the server name I set up when installing Apache. Go to '', hit enter....access denied.

By now I am truly loving my new server. You have no idea how much joy and laughter and tears are had in Cutter's Crib. And yet, we continue (now on day 3). Finally, after some Googling and such, looking in to access and permissions, and perusing various .conf files I finally find it. When enabling virtual hosts (through that httpd_vhosts thing above) I did not (nor did I realize I needed to) add the host I had originally setup in the Apache install:

Man this is fun! Like a dentist appointment! Now I have my CF Admin again. I've also switched MySQL versions, changed MySQL administrator GUI, and I haven't even begun to deploy my copies of code. It's all for the better in the long run, but some days.....