So, I'm finally playing with some of the new Ajax controls built into ColdFusion 8. They're based on ExtJS (for the most part), and I thought it would be cool to dig in and see what I could do.

So, pulled up the documentation. First I built a basic CFC, with a remote access method that pulls all of the records from the Art table of the cfartgallery db. Then I built the display page, with the cfgrid and cfgridcolumn tags. I used the bind attribute to bind the grid to the cfc method. Tried it out and...error.

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1CFGRID: Response is empty [Enable debugging by adding 'cfdebug' to your URL parameters to see more information.]

OK. Fun. No response messages showing in Firebug, but the right parameters were getting passed through. Google is your friend, right? One reference that I could find, in the comments on a post at Ben's site, but it only pointed me towards the Application.cfc, with no explanation on what the problem was or how to fix it.

So, I changed the file name of my Application.cfc. I didn't need it this early in the game, so I took it out of play. Voila! It works. OK, so what's in the Application.cfc?

Well, I had already commented out the onError method (figuring out an issue with Coldspring). There wasn't any output in any of the methods. I went over all of my attributes and mappings...nothing. Then I noticed something.

I took the Application.cfc template from Ray's site, with very minor adjustments. I finally noticed that one function didn't have an 'output' attribute, onRequest.

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1<cffunction name="onRequest" returnType="void">
2        <cfargument name="thePage" type="string" required="true" />
3        <cfinclude template="#arguments.thePage#" />
4    </cffunction>

Once I commented this function out the call worked perfectly. Well, lessons learned...