Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and welcome to the holiday season. My mother is in town now, and my family and I just completed our move to our new apartment. Great place, terrific neighborhood, excellent schools...really loving it, now that we're getting settled. Once we put the pictures on the walls and put the moving tubs into storage we'll be golden. And I am loving the telecom company here, with fiber to every unit we now have great digital cable and a 15MB internet connection. Man, it is fast!

Next week I'm going to try and re-record my UG preso on CF8's Ajax Components And Beyond. The original preso went very well, but we had some glitches in the recording process. I hope to get that done and on UGTV by the end of next week. I am working on extending some RIAForge components for working with the Google Maps API. Hoping to make some of that publicly available in the very near future.

And, since we're entering the season of giving, I encourage everyone in the ColdFusion community to contribute to some open source project. CFCommerce is trying to get into the groove, there are hundreds of items on RIAForge, and any of the frameworks would probably appreciate a helping hand.

Happy Holidays to all!