Just a quick check in. Ben's presentation was 3 hours long, chock full of Scorpio goodness! I have a ton of notes, with quick outlines of all of the features discussed. There were tons of great questions from around the room, and Ben had answers for nearly everything. Tomorrow I'll wrap all of it together in a new post.

Quick word of thanks to the guys at the Lampo Group (Dave Ramsey). The facility was perfect. There was so much food I brought home one of the three left over platters. And it was great that everyone received a copy of Dave's last book, "The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan For Financial Fitness". Just added to all of the giveaways at the presentation. It was also a fantastic turnout, and great to finally meet some folks I've only conversed with on CF-Talk over the years.

Anyway, until tomorrow...

P.S. BTW, don't use the server scope unless it's something minor and absolutely server wide (like a variable to say "\" instead of "/")