Ben's visit is quickly approaching, and every stop on the tour (so far) he's announced another exciting new feature in our favorite platform. Aaron came out of his office today to announce that the giveaways are getting even bigger. Aside from raffling off a Scorpio license (to be given upon release), we'll also be giving away a copy of Flex Builder with Charting!

The crew over at Dave Ramsey has already been preparing as well, getting the facility ready and making the food arrangements. Yes, food! (Hey, a guy's gotta eat.)

Just a quick run down on a few of the new features Ben has already discussed:

  • Built in AJAX components (auto-suggest, rich text editor, grid, tree, etc.)
  • Built in JSON support
  • Presentation building tags
  • Multi threading with cfthread
  • Object Oriented CFC interfaces with cfinterface
  • PDF form handling with cfpdfform
  • Advanced image manipulation with cfimage
  • MS Exchange integration with cfexchange
  • Loop over a file line by line with cfloop file=""
  • JavaScript style boolean operator support (&&,||,!=,+=,etc.)
  • Implicit array and structure creation (more similar to many other languages)
  • .NET component support, even from remote systems
  • Advanced server monitoring utilities
  • Application level mappings
  • Multi-user administrator login and permissions
  • The list goes on....

If you haven't signed up for this preview then you are missing out. Each stop has held something new, what will Nashville bring? Anyone can sign up today!

Date: Wednesday, May 9

Time: 7:00 PM Central Daylight Saving Time

Location: Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Plaza 1749 Mallory Lane Brentwood, TN 37067