So, the flood has begun. Model Glue: ColdFusion (also known as 2.0, formerly Unity), as well as Model Glue: Flex, have been released, along with a brand new website.

Mach-II 1.5 and it's spiffy new site have also hit the streets. Very slick, nicely documented, and some really fantastic improvements to this framework.

The new Fusebox site has also gone online, with updated documentation to cover the 5.1 release. In a recent conversation with Sean Corfield, he had mentioned that he was very busy working to crank out 5.5 for a CFUnited release, but it's not there yet. Either it'll come out later in the conference, or it's held up for further work and testing.

Mark Drew hasn't put any updates on the CFEclipse Project update site yet, but he's released something new at each conference in the last few months. Keep checking that update site!

Hhhhmmmm? I wonder what else might get released during this conference?