30onair: Why ColdFusion?

At last night's Flex and AIR release celebration, Aaron brought out his new, 30onair branded, video camera for us all to record a 30onair segment. Mine was on ColdFusion (go figure;) The light was bad, and I had just gotten back from the dentist prior to the celebration, but I put my point across.


Guidelines: Code Readability - Pt1

At work I (with heavy input from the rest of the team) am writing these guidelines for our development practices, so that everyone is working 'on the same page.' I will share this series here for others who may want to know how some folks do it.

In everything there must be balance, two sides to every coin. A debate goes on about code "structure". To indent? Or not indent? One argument persists that unnecessary spaces/tabs within code increase the bandwidth used by our systems, serving up 'empty' content. The other argument is that this cost is minimal, in comparison to the time savings with relation to maintaining 'readable' code.


SQL Tricks: What's an Upsert?

So, despite the debate on utilizing an Active Record (sometimes called Table Row) design pattern, there are times when it can be incredibly useful. Especially when dealing with simple forms that deal with a single record within a table (go figure). It's also really handy if you're utilizing something like The Illudium PU-36 Code Generator to auto-generate your data modeling. But, occasionally, you hit a glitch and need to rethink.