Cleaning RSS

So, it appears that my RSS feed is 'dirty', and that is why my posts haven't been appearing on ColdFusion Bloggers. I've been going back and forth with the W3C Validator for a while now, so hopefully this message will finally break the barrier.

Update 09.04.08 5:30AM Central: So, still not aggregating.

Google Chrome: First Look

So, Google Chrome is now available for download. First impressions: it's smokin' fast. I just rolled through our admin panels lightening quick, our sites are faster than ever, and the ExtJS samples render with no issues (the Web Desktop even smokes). Very nice work, so far.

ColdFusion For Educational Use

Adobe has posted the site for registering ColdFusion 8 For Education. This is an exciting development within the ColdFusion community, that will hopefully help to propogate ColdFusion, both as a platform as well as CFML as a language.