One of the core focuses, in the development of Ext JS 3.0, is the marshalling of data services under a centralized location. The intent is to make for a more portable application, where you can have a single touch point for data I/O that could easily be switched from one platform to another.

This is done through the new Ext.Direct package of classes, and many have been waiting on some detailed information on what it is and how to use it. This morning the Ext Blog got an update: Ext JS 3.0 - Remoting for Everyone. This explains Ext.Direct fairly well, even giving you a sample app to learn from, some sample code, links to some pre-constructed routers for several platforms, as well as a link to the Remoting Specification to write your own custom routers. Aaron Conran, Senior Software Architect and Ext Services Team Lead, wrote the ColdFusion Router. That's fitting, as Aaron's a long time ColdFusion guy, having contributed to the ColdBox project back in it's early days.

I'm excited about what Ext.Direct can mean for Ext - ColdFusion based applications, and I'll be deep diving this integration soon. I'll be curious to see how I can integrate CFQueryReader into the mix. I have an update to that which I hope to get out in the next few days.