ColdFusion PreRelease Tour Coming to Nashville


Greg Wilson, Adobe Platform Evangelist, is coming to Nashville to give us a sneak peak at ColdFusion 9, Codename: Centaur, and Bolt, the new ColdFusion IDE. According to various posts from cf.Objective, and other tour dates, there appear to be some major enhancements in integration capabilities, Flex and AIR interaction, and more. You don't want to miss out on this special event, giving you the inside scoop!

Click on the link above to register.

Ext JS 3.0 RC2 Released

The Ext JS team has announced the release of 3.0 RC2. This latest Release Candidate is considered to be very stable, with many new examples to show you how to do what you need to do. From someone that updates from the repository every day, I can tell you that these guys have been working hard to get 3.0 ready for full release, and there's a ton of new material there (in the examples) to learn from.