So, in my last post I talked about setting up a shared ORM model within Mura CMS. But, you always find the kicker after-the-fact. Mine's not a biggie though. I had setup a CF mapping to myModel

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1<cfset this.mappings["/myModel"] = variables.mapPrefix & variables.BaseDir & "/mySite/includes/themes/mySite/model">

Turns out this wasn't the best location. I was pushing to the themes directory, because that was what the client wanted ("What the client wants....") Sometimes, you find a valid reason to deviate.

The Mura {site}/includes folder has it's own Application.cfc, with this wonderful tidbit of code in it:

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1<cfif not listFindNoCase("styles.js.cfm,templates.js.cfm,editor.css.cfm,default.js.cfm,config.js.cfm",listLast(cgi.SCRIPT_NAME,"/"))>
2        <cfoutput>Access Restricted.</cfoutput>
3        <cfabort>
4        </cfif>

Now, most of the time this won't matter to you. Until you need to hit a remote method, of your model, for an Ajax request. Then...well, you see what happens. Now, you could probably change the Application.cfc, but I don't know if Mura won't overwrite this file on some future update, so it's better to just move my model into my {site} directory, as a sibling of the includes folder.