2012 was....unexpected. January really kicked it off when my immediate supervisor left, to take a position with another company. When this happened my employer approached me about taking on his position. Now, I had left a management position to come to this company, so that I could again focus on writing code, so this meant stepping back into a management role. This is also the third time this particular scenario has played out in my career. Luckily, this position still allows me to write code (at least for the moment), I'm just putting in more time.

Time. The one thing we all need, and the one thing we can't make. I've put in a lot of time at the office, for both my day job and side contracts. You do what you have to do to get things done, and there are some things I'm trying to get done. That said, 2013 will have me dialing it back a bit. I have some current obligations, but I'm gonna drop back some after that, and put some time towards more important things, like my Open Source projects, development mentoring, my health, and (most importantly) my family.

In 2012 I started riding a bike (bicycle) again. Nothing fancy, just an 18 speed Mongoose from Walmart. What was important was that it got me active again. Current work load has put a temporary damper on riding, but I was doing 10+ miles a day. Time to get back into the groove. Not only is it healthy, but it's fun.

One thing I want to do this year is become more involved beyond my desk. It's time to rejoin the world. I want to start speaking to the development community again (which I started in 2012, and want to continue). I want to find a civic organization to become a part of. I want to get more active with the American Legion and the VFW. And, I want start telling Washington how I really feel about the job they're (not) doing.

2012 was the year I moved all of my Open Source projects to GitHub. Each of those projects saw some movement last year, and I'm looking to get some more spun up in 2013. Still a huge focus on dealing with ColdFusion json data, but I do have some JQuery utility bits out there, as well as starting to work on some Bootstrap components, and the Google Maps custom tag.

2012 was also a year for consulting. I've done some minor consulting in the past, but 2012 saw me traveling for consults. In one project, I consulted with a niche market company in creating an MSOC platform for their growing business, to sell and host low cost, high impact sites for their industry. For three days we hashed out exactly what it was they were trying to accomplish, going over the details of systems and code architecture, scalability, and standards. With one developer they built (from scratch), tested, and launched their new platform in six months, with their own custom CMS, templating engine and more. I enjoy consulting, particularly in addressing architecture challenges, and hope to do more of that in 2013.

So, I know some of the things I would like to do in 2013. I could map it all out, but that lacks flexibility. I didn't plan for all of the things that came my way in 2012, but most of it was for the better. May 2013 be a wonderful, and prosperous, new adventure for everyone.